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We take our customers ROI very 

seriously as we continue to provide the

finest CUTTING DIES and Services 

Worldwide with unparalleled market 

Solutions, Performance and 


Cutting DIES

WPM TruCut Window Dies.
WPM TruCut Converting Dies.

Custom sizes to your dimensions.

•Single or multiple shapes.

•More blade exposed for thicker products.

•High quality materials.

TruCut Window Dies

TruCut Converting Dies

Steel to steel cutting.

•Slow cost alternative to tooled steel cylinders.

•Cut, perforate and score in one die.

•Changeable plates at low capital investment.

WPM TruCut Shaped Dies.

TruCut Shaped Dies

Unique pieces can be made to almost any shape.

•Made to your specifications.

•Made to cut across or continuously around.

High quality materials.

WPM TruFlex Dies.

Flexible magnetic dies.

•Shallow relief for “kiss cut” applications.

•Unique pieces can be made to almost any shape.

High quality materials.

TruFlex Dies

WPM Soft Anvil Dies.

Soft Anvil Dies

Cut, perf and score in one die.

•Increased stability over wood dies.

•Soft anvil cutting.

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