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WPM since 1933WPM leading the way since 1933.

Since the origination of the Honeycomb Cylinder back in 1933 WPM has been the leading innovator in Products and Services for the graphic arts and converting industries for over 80 years Worldwide.

WPM has led the way since 1933!

WPM leading the way since 1933.
WPM since 1933.

Early on WPM developed and manufactured honeycomb cylinders for add-on color printing

from the 1930's to the 50's; and rotary die cutting and embossing systems in the 60's, including

the world's largest rotary embossing unit. In the 70's, WPM manufactured the first intaglio web

press for the production of bank notes and stock certificates. In 1982, WPM introduced the

RotaCutter™, a high-speed rotary cutter which was the only unit on the market that allows for

contour cutting. In the 90's, WPM developed the ServoRota-Cutter™ which provides "variable repeat" capability for cutting different lengths with one machine. Together, with other WPM innovations,

such as MicroTouch™ knife adjustment, TruCut™, TruLock™, and AdvantEdge™ knives and dies,

WPM provides the best cutting systems in the business and has proven to be a specialist in

advanced, high-speed rotary die cutting technology.

Moving forward in the nextGENERATION of Die-Cutting products and services WPM has committed 

to the construction of our new state of the art manufacturing and administrative facility to assure

that we strengthen and continue our position as the Worldwide industry leader in Die Cutting

Manufacturing, Products and Services.

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