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WPM continues to provide our customers state
of the art INLINE & OFFLINE market Solutions

with unparalleled ROI, Performance and 

WPM Inline | Offline Components.

Inline | Offline COMPONENTS

INLINE Finishing Systems
WPM is the World's leading supplier of Inline finishing Systems

for the direct mail market. With customers in more than 30

Countries, and the only finishing supplier with facilities in the

U.S. and Europe, WPM can design and support a finishing system

to meet any product requirement from inlines for direct mail

advertising, free standing inserts and cover production to very

specific servo driven offline systems for variable imaging and

invited media. WPM has been leading the industry with innovative

finishing components that offer superior value and pressroom

versatility longer than any other supplier Worldwide.

OFFLINE Finishing Systems

WPM's design and engineering of complete servo driven offlines

are used throughout the world for some of the most sophisticated

finishing production requirements. Our offline components are

made up of the same well built finishing components offered for

all inline systems designed and manufactured using state of the

art electronic servo motors, variable speed drives and register

controls. We can design and support offlines in standard cutoff

lengths or variable size repeat and no one knows more about

tension control and paper handling than the WPM Support Team.

WPM offline finishing systems can include such value added

options as variable imaging towers, IR dryers and servo chill

stands integrated as a single source purchase. We’ve built the

largest offline system in the world encompassing 5 different

repeats as well as providing offline stamp manufacturing in


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