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WPM Perforators.

WPM offers a variety of Web and several 

options for different applications.

Perforating& Embossing


Spot Embossing

•Available as 2 cylinder machine.
•Available with as a “Debossing” unit.
•Servo or line shaft drive.
•Motorized circumferential adjustment.
•Manual or motorized side-lay adjustment.
•Gear driven cylinder configuration.
•Available with anodized path rollers for web lead or bypass


WPM Spot Embossing.

• Available as 2 cylinder or 3 cylinder versions – the 3 cylinder
     version having circumferential adjustment between the plate
• Available as a plate/blanket with reel rod lockup mechanisms or     as a “Steel to steel” machine for use with WPM’s TruCut™  
    die system.
• Servo or line shaft drive.
• Available with a hardened driven roller for continuous running
• Motorized circumferential adjustment.
• Manual or motorized side-lay adjustment.
• Gear driven cylinder configuration.
• Available with anodized path rollers for web lead or
    bypass purposes.

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